hello miztli mug, white + glossy, 11 oz + 15 oz


Image of hello miztli mug, white + glossy, 11 oz + 15 oz

coyolxauhkitty rendition of our QT meow queen. dedicated to all of our queer people/youth of color journeying in/toward re-membering their bodies, almas, & minds.
*display pic is a 15 oz cup*
both chican@ icons, coyolxauhqui and hello kitty are cultural favorites. coyolxauhqui is the aztec moon goddess-- a being of fragmented wholeness and a chican@ feminist reclamation. in her writing, chican@ feminist Gloria Anzaldúa, frames coyolxauhqui as the symbol of chicana feminist fragmented wholeness in body, mind and spirit. hello kitty is a cultural favorite in their cuteness and fierceness. beyond their capitalist popularity, hello kitty's image is a nostalgic legend from our youth. with hello miztli, i attempt to merge two icons of spirituality and popular culture as a healing union.

"Coyolxauhqui imperative is to heal and achieve integration...[it] is an ongoing process of making and unmaking. There is never any resolution, just the process of healing" (Anzaldúa).